May 12, 2020



Sodium Bicarbonate also known as Baking Soda (NaHCO3) is one of the salts of Carbonic Acid. Sodium Bicarbonate is commonly produced through Solvay method, in which from the reaction between Sodium Chloride, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide in water, Sodium Bicarbonate appears in sediment shape. After filtration and dehydration, the final product is packed in shape of white powder or crystalline substance.


  • White powder, with no smell and a bit of alkaline taste.
  • Has alkaline property but it could has an Amphoteric role in water.
  • Absorbs moister and smell


  • Food industries: producing soda, cake, cookies, industrial bread and etc.
  • Cosmetic and hygienic industries: producing toothpaste, home detergents as abrasive and soft types.
  • Texture industries: for processing wool and silk strings
  • Livestock and Poultry industries: as a supplement in their food
  • Firefighting Industries: in powders and fire extinguishers
  • Polymer industries: acts as catalyst and treatment agent.

Production Unit

This unit was set up in 2019 with unwavering efforts of managers and experts of Kaveh Industrial Group in Kaveh Soda plant located in Maragheh city. In our factory, powder baking soda is being produced in accordance with relevant standards in 25 kg packages and offered to local and global markets.