April 14, 2019

Kaveh Petrochemical

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Kaveh Methanol Petrochemical complex was constructed on a 220 hectars land located in the western coasts of Dayer city in Bushehr province which is in the Northern Pars area. As the daily production capacity is 7,000 MT of Methanol with AA grade, this complex would be considered as the “Biggest Methanol Producer in the World”. Owning a private quay in the Persian Gulf coasts near the site is an advantage of this plant in order to export the productions. Casale, the Swedish Company, is the licensor, PIDEC Co. is detailed engineering contractor and procurement service provider in the process scope and Petro Kaveh as the technical and engineering company is the main contractor who is responsible for installation, start-up, basic and detailed design of the utility section and also fabricating some parts of machines and equipment used on this great project.
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