April 14, 2019

Glass block

The glass block or glass block  is said to be made of glass. These pieces, apart from the decorative aspects, have many applications. They are usually used for bonding with mortar or glue, with a spinner or separator Glass blocks were made from the 1900s and are used to provide natural light to buildings by walls Today, in the architecture of the day, glass blocks play a special role, and internationally renowned engineers, designers and architects use this product to create decorative spaces.   

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Types of glass blocks are  :

 – •  Matte glass blocks

– •  Designed glass blocks

Transparent glass blocks 

– •  Colorful glass blocks

 Glass blocks have the following remarkable advantages 

  1. Increased interior space is due to a wall thickness of 8 cm compared with traditional brick walls at least 15 centimeters .

  2. Possibility to be used in the separation of indoor spaces with sufficient brightness
  3. High properties of isolation (acoustic-thermal)

  4. The lightness of the wall is made compared to traditional brick walls 
  5. Ability to apply designs and colors in one or more walls for any taste

  6. Simplicity and high speed in the installation and use of glass blocks compared to traditional bricks.Because there are no different stages of traditional wall painting, including brick, plaster, soil, whitewash and painting, but in glass blocks it is only brick-and-mortar .

  7. The finished price (including materials and wages) of one square meter (on both sides of the wall) will be much lower in comparison with the traditional wall compared to the traditional wall, because in the traditional wall after the Chinese brick the steps of plaster and soil, whitening and staining For the two sides of the wall, it remains to add significant costs to the cost of a square meter of traditional wall .

  8. The cleanliness and simplicity of the glass walls is such that it can easily be carried out even in residential spaces and has the least disturbance to the occupants. Cleaning and cleaning the glass wall is easily done with a lint-free cloth for many years, while the traditional walls need to paint at least every four years .

  9. Possibility to use glass blocks in all or parts of the facade of the building .  

  10. The location of the use of glass blocks in the construction of a kitchen sliding door or its opening table .