August 3, 2022

Tempered Glass


One of the ways to make glass resistant to impact and breakage is tempering it. In this method, after the glass is produced and cut to the desired size, it is heated again in a special tempering furnace until its temperature rises to about 700 degrees Celsius. Then, ambient air is blown at high pressure and speed to the heated glass to cool it down immediately. After completing the steps, the produced tempered glass will be 7 times more resistant to impact and breakage. If this type of glass is hit hard, especially from the sides, the glass will turn into very small pieces that do not have a sharp edge and will not cause harm to humans.

This type of glass is used in facades of buildings (single-glazed or double-glazed), shop windows, side and rear windows of cars, and places where there is a possibility of breakage and causing danger to humans. It should be noted that after finishing the hardening operation, it is not possible to perform secondary processes such as cutting or drilling, etc., and all work must be done before hardening.