January 5, 2022

Tinted Mirror


Tinted float or tinted reflective glass is used in the production of tinted mirrors. The production process of this type of mirror is possible to accomplish as silver mirror and as aluminum mirror.


Silver Tinted Mirror

Silver tinted mirror is produced by covering the back surface of the flat glass with a layer of silver, a layer of copper and two layers of waterproof curable paint. Among the paints produced in this way in Kaveh Glass Industrial Group, we can mention Copper, Green, Blue, Grey, Azure, Bronze, etc.


Aluminum Tinted Mirror

Aluminum mirrors are produced by coating one or more layers of special metals on the surface of a simple float glass by Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering method. The main function of this coating is to control the reflection of light with the desired color spectrum. Among the colors of mirrors produced by this method, we can mention Pink, Black, Top Gray, Super Export, etc.


Some of the applications of tinted mirrors are: interior design, partitioning, decorative mirrors, furniture, etc.