April 28, 2019

kaveh Methanol

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Kaveh Methanol Petrochemical Complex on a land of 220 hectares on the west coast of the city of Dir, Bushehr Province, north of Pars, with a production capacity of 7,000 tons of AAA methanol, is the largest methanol producer in the world, and the construction of a special jetty on the coast of the Persian Gulf adjacent to the project site The export of manufactured products is one of the advantages of this project.

Swiss Casal, the provider of a bachelor’s and supplier’s contract, the contractor of specialized engineering and services in the procurement of processor equipment and technical engineering company Petro Kaveh as the main contractor for the installation and design of the basic engineering and technical departments of the department of public utilities and also the provider of construction services part of Equipment and machinery.

Methanol, as a valuable product, is a good alternative to LPG, gasoline and gasoline and as a clean fuel for automobiles, and in the manufacturing industries, solvents, paints, plastics and anti-icing are widely used as a primary material.