April 14, 2019

Saveh Cup

Saveh Factory Factory was established in 1366 in an area of ​​5.8 hectares and under construction of 33,500 square meters in the industrial city of Kaveh for the production of cup glass in various thicknesses.

A simple glass production unit with four production lines simultaneously and with a production volume of 250 tons per day, produces glass in thicknesses of 1 to 10 mm for construction purposes.

The glasses of the company’s cups are produced through the horizontal stretching process.


Production line

The first glass production line of the Kaveh Glass Industry Group was established in 1999 at Saveh Cup Factory with the aim of satisfying and responding to the needs of the customers market.

This line of glass production with a daily production capacity of 140 tons is aimed at producing a complete range of mildew flowers used in the domestic and regional markets.

This line is produced in a variety of colors, green, bronze, blue and smoky.