April 14, 2019


SAVEH JAAM factory has been established on a land with an extent of 5.8 acres back in 1987. This factory is located in Kaveh Industrial City and it focuses on the sheet glass production with an extensive range of thicknesses.

Sheet Glass Production Lines

The main production unit has capacity of 250 MT/day with 4 simultaneous production lines. These production lines have the ability to create glass sheets with multiple thicknesses from 1 to 8 millimeters that are used in wide range of applications.

It is important to note that glass sheets are produced through forcing a horizontal tensile stress to the molten material.

Patterned Glass Production Line

Back in 1999, Kaveh complex has launched its first patterned glass production line, in order to fulfill the customers’ satisfaction and their multiple range of demand.

This production line is working with production capacity of 120 MT/day. The ability to create wide range of patterned glass, in different colors such as green, bronze, blue and grey has enabled the products to take over the domestic and international markets.