April 14, 2019

QHSE policy


For efficiency and effectively utilization of Energy Resources, Kaveh Glass Industry Group has designed and implemented its Energy Management System based on ANSI/MSE 2000:2008 standard and introduced the following Energy Policies:

+ Using standards and suitable Energy Consumption Patterns
+ Increasing production efficiency and reducing defective and rejected products
+ Improving organizational culture in the field of Energy management
+ Optimized utilization of Energy resources in accordance to product quality level
+ Increasing Energy Productivity and decreasing Energy expenditures
Management and all people in the organization believe that suitable management of energy consumption will lead to sustained development of Kaveh Glass Industry Group and we all are committed to improve the Energy Management System in the organization the “energy management system” in the organization


Quality is a key element in today business and quality improvement can reduce defects consequently increase productivity. In Kaveh Glass Industry Group, the achievement of high quality is supported by the use of rigorous quality management systems and standards.
In the field of flat glass, this company has been certified for 10673-2, 10673-4 and 10673-5 National Standards for Glass in Building by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI). The Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran, is the sole organization in the country that can lawfully develop and designate official standards for products. It is also the responsible body for conducting them through the endorsement of the Council of Compulsory Standards.


Kaveh Glass Industry Group, Based on its social responsibility and willingness to constantly improving its Brand in National and International Markets, progresses its processes in the fields of Quality (ISO9001/2008), Health/Safety (OHSAS18001/2007), and the Environment (ISO14001/2004) and to achieve customer satisfaction introduces following policies:

+ Maintain and improve quality based on internal and international standards.
+ Maintain and improve quality based on internal and international standards.
+ Increase Productivity of Organizational and Natural Resources.
+ Establishment of new means aiming to prevent pollution and to protect Environment.
+ Controlling and decreasing and if possible removing the risks for employees’ Health and Safety based on National Standards.
+ Promoting high quality work through continuous training of people.
+ Cooperation in training and improvements of organization suppliers.


Our QHSE system is developing by searching a continual improvement and must apply to all company processes with monitoring indicators. Those indicators are the proof of the observance of our goals and will be reviewed during management reviews.
In this continual improvement policy regarding Health, Safety, Customer satisfaction, pollution prevention, I commit myself and I count on the involvement of everyone.


Accredited testing and calibration laboratories in Kaveh Glass Industry Group are equipped for most tests and calibrations required for glass industry, are known to be ranked among the best labs in Iran. Based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard requirements, Kaveh Group has designed and implemented its Laboratory Management System to give comprehensive services to its customers with the following objectives:

+ Understanding legal needs of the customers an giving high quality services to them through using skillful people
+ Improving skill and efciency of the people through systematically, planned and continuous training of human resources
+ Continuously improving of Quality Management System in Organization
+ Optimized utilization of existing resources and facilities to improve skills and reduce costs
+ Standardization of Laboratory Services
+ Considering all the standard requirements and especially ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements
+ Supporting and supplying the labs with updated and suitable devices to improve servicing to customers and increasing the capacities of test and calibration laboratories
All the related managers and people in the organization should be fully committed to above mentioned objectives and policies.


CE stands for ‘Communité Européen’. CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to a European technical standard identified as a harmonized European Norm (HEN). The standards have been established to remove technical barriers to trade for construction products. A unique standard will exist for the major glass types/groups. These standards will supersede any national standards.
The Management system of Kaveh Glass Industry Group has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC by SGS.