April 14, 2019

Human Resources Perspective

Today, human resource development is a prerequisite for achieving socio-economic development, and is one of the main topics of interest in the world, and is one of the pillars of the organization’s growth and development, and a new chapter in human resource management.

In this regard, the realization of organizational goals will be subject to the alignment of personnel policies and organizational policies. In particular, the continued effort of all members of the group, based on the culture and values ​​of the organization, and firm commitment to work and more effort and full confidence. Our perspective on Kaveh’s Human Resources Management Department will include:

A) Providing appropriate space to create incentives and optimal use of human resource planning and planning models and models.

B) emphasis on continuous training of forces and the development of quality culture in order to achieve the goals of the organization

C) Teamwork and increasing employee participation in group and social activities aimed at improving the quality of life of colleagues.

D) respect for the values ​​of team members and the support and stewardship of individuals at all levels of the organization

E) Choosing colleagues to be fit, efficient and dynamic in order to avoid any loss of strength

C) Creating effective communication with other people-customers-organizations and institutions for more productivity

In order to achieve the highest organizational goals, all our efforts in the industrial group based on the basis that by using new techniques, new designs, improving productivity – active work environment and paying special attention to education with emphasis on the slogan (we can ) Is the basis for increasing success for our country’s industrial group and society.