April 14, 2019


The Kaveh Glass Group is an umbrella company established in 1985. KGG is a leading manufacture of flat industrial glass and tableware with a significant share in both domestic and international markets.
Last year, total annual production of flat glass was far beyond the forecasted flgures, and the three glass tableware plants have managed to exceed all expectations. Company has been in flat glass and tableware business for nearly 30 years, yet it has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and now Kaveh serves its clients in every major market around the world. Kaveh Glass has accomplished so much in a short period. It’s mind boggling to ponder what’s in the horizon industries both in domestic and international markets.

The headquarters of Kaveh, located in Tehran (Iran’s capital), which employs over 550 experienced and experienced staff members, including the board of directors, has headquartered several professional engineering departments in northern Tehran including: chemistry; information technology; Mechanical Engineering; Architecture; Metallurgy; Piping; Civil Engineering; Mine Engineering; Business Management; Electrical Engineering; etc. All of them are run by Iranian professional engineers and graduates of the National University. It is proud that all of its factories Based on their human resources and combine them with their experiences and abilities.

The Kava Glass Industry Group has built its own factories internally and externally, relying on human resources and the cooperation of expert experts in all fields of study in accordance with international standards of production and competence of Iranian products in the world.