April 14, 2019

Petro Kaveh

Petro Kaveh Engineering Co. is a large design and consulting company in the field of glass, chemical and petrochemical industries, which was established in 1990 as the technical department of Kaveh Glass Industry Group.

After the start of the Kavu methanol project in 2010, the managers of the Kava Glass Industry Group decided to set up Petro as a technical and engineering company. The main goal of this company is the implementation of all Kaveh Engineering and Engineering projects in the fields of chemical glass industry as well as petrochemicals as the core of the Kaveh Group’s future advancement.

Currently, more than 250 experienced engineers are working on Petro Kaveh’s organization chart.

Directing Manager

  • Head of Mechanical Enginnering
  • Head of Electrical Engineering
  • Head of Process Engineering
  • Head of Civil Engineering
  • Project manager
  • Quality Assurance and Control Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • ICT Manager