April 14, 2019

Tableware Glass


Crystal Glass Kaveh Glass was founded in 1362 in Kaveh Industrial City. The machines of the production lines of this factory were purchased from Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and mass production of crystal containers was launched with the knowledge and technology of the day. The production capacity of this unit is 58,000 tons per year. Designing and manufacturing a large part of production lines is provided by the competent team of design and engineering team of Kaveh Glass Industry Group. The company has more than 10 production lines of Sangal Gobb and Double Gabb and 3 printing machines have a decisive role in the domestic consumption and export market. .

Crystal types include glass-stack-a variety of dishes-dish-bowls and so on. Simple and colorful as well as glass blocks are the main products of this unit. Also, with the printing machines on crystalline products, the company has taken another step towards self-sufficiency in the production of crystal products.