April 14, 2019

Asa Float

Asa Float Co. from the Kava glass industry group as one of the largest float glass production factories in Iran produces products such as float glass, coated glass and mirror. The factory is located in the city of Maragheh (Tabriz province) in north east of Iran.

The main purpose of the factory is to produce glass floats with grade A for use in glass automobile factories. Modern computer and computer systems are quality control and high-speed scanners. These products are produced in very large sizes (366 × 600 cm) to glass cups (70 × 70 cm).

The modern factory utilizes the latest technologies and technologies of the day to use machines such as: robotic loading system, paper mill, marking machine, glass thickness and glass measuring system, etc. … High-quality products produce according to the standards of the day.

Using a large furnace, the plant has been able to produce a variety of different colors and thicknesses. The coated glass production line of this plant, equipped with the latest technology of the day, came from Germany in late 2011. The mirror line has also been operational in mid-2011.